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Globe magazine hand drawn vector elements for notebook, diary and planner. Doodle banners isolated on white background. Notes, lists, frames and other elements. #Display #doodles #bulletjournals

If you are trying to recreate the tasteful taste of classic French cooking, the elusive aroma of a meal you once had, the recipe you dropped and could never find another one that was exactly right, this may be the perfect cookbook for you. With beautiful illustrations, Mastering The Art Of French Cooking serves both beginners and old professionals.

To paraphrase the authors, if you have the right instructions, anyone can make these recipes. There is no real secret, other than the sequence. Step-by-step instructions are common, from buying all your ingredients and then the simplest assembly order through the finished creation result. Once you've finished one or two of these recipes, you can even surprise yourself at how good they are!

The recipes are organized by big themes along with almost endless variations. In a reasonable order, the key recipes are presented so that everyone can quickly become proficient with the basics, leading to any number of elaborations. When practical, classic techniques are converted to amenities available today in modern America and elsewhere.

Lessons included free of charge. How to buy the right pieces of meat, such as the right beans or maybe seafood and fish to replicate the exact structure and taste of the original French foods. Suggestions on the right pages for every dish, right and allowed wines, no matter what you may be unsure about, this cookbook is here to help. How is your cordon bleu? The secrets of famous recipes are here.

The kids will even appreciate this food and ask for it! Once you are comfortable with the book, you will find that the recipes are the easiest to do, and if you like a challenge, there are some that are a little more difficult. Much thought went into this book and every recipe it contains. The illustrations take you by the hand and guide you easily.

Another advantage is that all ingredients are found in a typical grocery store. You don't have to shop for expensive specialty stores (unless you want them), ethnic markets and so on. Just write your list and go!

From omelettes, to soups, steaks and more, Mastering The Art Of French Cooking will be a reference that you & # 39; turns to you over and over. Oh and the desserts? You bet! When you start with these you will wonder how you ever lived without them. Okay, maybe not really, but you might! Ahhhh, French bread? Unfortunately, but it is in volume II.

In addition, "Julie & Julia" is now an important film (released in August 2009) with Meryl Streep as Julia Child. It is based in part on Julia Child's memoir, My Life in France.