Harry Potter Monopoly

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There are several techniques or styles to make an illustration. Each of these techniques has its own distinct process and media which is specially used to create the illustration. The graphic artist must therefore familiarize himself with a certain technology before using and using it for the production of a graphic design product. Examples of some of the techniques illustrated are:

1. Pen and Wash - This illustration technique involves drawing the contours of the illustration in the pen. Ink is used to go over the contours of the pen. When dried, a small amount of ink is diluted with water in a lighter tone. Brush is used to apply the color to the darker areas of the drawing. The painted areas are washed to create different tones to bring out the shapes of the illustration. The contours are made stronger by the use of pen lines. It is used for catalogs, village and market scenes, fashion design magazines, book covers etc.

2. Pen and ink - This is the use of pen and ink to draw the contours of the drawing and use one of the shading methods to create the shapes in the drawing. It is used for illustrations in books, magazines and magazines.

3. Flat color painting- In this technique the colors are painted flat without grading in tone. The edges of the sections on the painted drawings are sharp and distinct, indicating the difference in the different parts of the drawing. It is used for illustrations in stories books, road signs, greeting cards etc.

4. Realistic Painting - This is the drawing of objects that show great detail as they actually appear in nature. It is used for advertising, fashion magazines and illustrations in books.

5. Silhouette - This is to create the outline of a drawing in pencil and fill the inner part uniformly with black color or ink. Silhouette drawings do not show details only the contours that define the objects are displayed. They are used for road signs, package symbols, illustrations in fashion magazines etc.

6. Cartooning - This is the creation of humorous or satirical characters with exaggerated shapes. This illustration technique is used to illustrate children's books, magazines, magazines etc.

7. Photography - This is to take pictures of real objects and scenes using a camera. It provides the exact image of objects and scenes. Photographs are used for posters, magazines, magazines etc.