Part 1: 65 Spellbinding Harry Potter spreads – #creative #Harry #Part #Potter #S…

Part 1: 65 Spellbinding Harry Potter spreads – #creative #Harry #Part #Potter #Spellbinding

I often wonder why we hate reading other people write. Early in my academic life, I realized that most people do not have the power to quit reading other people's writing. I thought it was weaknesses and that it must be embarrassing for people. I would therefore force myself to stop reading the prescribed material. When I finish reading something, I will celebrate. But I'm always disturbed. I couldn't reproduce the content. I couldn't find out what I had learned from the text or the book. So I concluded that we are doing this for the wrong reasons. We are not necessarily inspired at all by the ideas that are not ours.

But this is not entirely true. There are some who like to read other people's ideas and take them to the implementation phase. That is why some of us are writers and others are readers.

I'm glad I found the secret! And the secret is that those of us who are writers, we are inspired by being original. In fact, this is the most important characteristic of writers. Writers love to come up with their own ideas. They are transformative in their writing. Why am I saying that? What they write about is what they used the mind on and it makes people act. People start with measures as a result of having read about the idea.

So as an author, reading any text is limited to the author's intention, and once we have received it, even though we have not completed the entire text, it is enough to stop reading and move on to create your own original ideas. This is not arrogance, but the nature of the authors.

How does this relate to our great life ideas? We have great life ideas that are truly original.

Original ideas grow into us as a result of us nurturing them. These ideas are often related to our calling in life.

I grew up knowing that one day I would have to work. But I always knew I wanted to make my own. It took me ten years to fight to determine what kind of project I would embark on in my private property. I tried too hard and would not get it. When I finally cracked it lost a penny.

When you force an original idea or life purpose to reveal itself to you, you are not original and realistic. The best way to discover your purpose is to be original, let the idea grow over time, be flexible and let go as the idea develops. It will lead to the discovery of your life purpose.

When we become generous with our special idea, we reach the stage where the idea no longer belongs to us. All our stakeholders and mirrors become the owners of our idea. They grow into a larger phenomenon and in this way the universe recognizes that we have contributed to humanity.