Vibrant Colorful Abstract-0-43. Mid-Century Modern Red Yellow Canvas Art Print, Mid Century Modern Canvas Art Print up to 72 "by Irena Orlov

Vibrant Colorful Abstract-0-43. Mid Century Modern Red Yellow Canvas Art Print, Mid Century Modern Canvas Art Print Up to 72 by Irena Orlov Art Wall Decor for Home, Office or Hotel MIDCENTURY ABSTRACT ART With retro colors and free-formed geometric shapes, everyone will

Stained glass has been with us for more than a thousand years. People are fascinated by the beauty of light passing through works of art and the visible light radiation into a room. Most people think of the traditional cathedral and church windows.

Stained glass art was created to help communicate stories to the masses of people who could not read. Books and other written works were limited to the few and were not available to the public. The artists mounted stained glass paintings held together with lead to tell religious stories or to represent spiritual beings.

Today there are stained glass kits and there are many books on this subject. As an artist and artisan, you have the choice to use selected materials for small or large projects depending on your skill level and tool choice.

There are many projects that can be done with stained glass. Costs will depend on your choice.

Stained glass project glass:

  1. glass doors
  2. Home and office furnishings to complement light, art and color
  3. Exterior windows to let sunlight flow through works of art that illuminate a room with light, mood and energy ..
  4. Home decor - lamps, mirrors, panels, room dividers and containers
  5. Furniture
  6. jewelry
  7. Glass and crockery
  8. Internal and outer containers
  9. Wall hangings and other works of art
Hand tools and electrical tools can be used. Hand tools are not usually used. If you decide that this hobby can become a business, then electrical tools would be needed to speed production.

There are some dangers that work with glass and if you want to avoid this medium, other materials can be replaced.

  1. Acrylic panels: Buy a clear acrylic sheet and transparent colors designed for stained glass. When the project is completed, it will look a lot like glass. It will add to the beauty of the home environment, is cheaper, saves time and safer than real glass. Other tools may be necessary depending on the type and size of the project.
  2. Plexiglas: is also an acrylic but is made stronger and will cost more than standard acrylic but it has a longer life than real glass and not so expensive.
  3. Glass paint and faux conductive: colors that can be used are enamel and formulated acrylic paints designed for glass. Lead trimming is used in traditional work. Faux joints are false and are available as liquid or paste.
  4. Resin: Liquid acrylic which is usually used for small projects and jewelery.
  5. Colored tissue
  6. Melted pony beads
  7. Contact Paper