watch YT video – learn drawing and coloring

watch YT video – learn drawing and coloring

If the woman or man you like loves art, impress them by suggesting one of the following activities for your next date. It is an opportunity to see them in an environment that gives them pleasure. Who knows - you can even learn a thing or two about art!

1. Visit the Local Public Art Gallery
Whether you are looking at a masterpiece by Rembrandt, an Emily Carr or a local artist's work; art can be a natural conversation starter. Do not worry about using the right language or terminology for those who are not well versed in art or painting. If your date is an art lover, they can teach you. If you want to save some money, check if the gallery has some free viewing periods.

2. Browse privately owned art galleries
Most cities have a number of art dealers who exhibit art for sale through their gallery. Some may specialize in exhibiting and selling a particular type of art - such as sculptures, paintings, First Nations art - or specific artists. Check if they are open to the public. If not, they may have upcoming events or exhibitions.

3. Tour Public Art Displays
Look around you - are there sculptures scattered throughout your city? If so, take a sculpture hunt and visit a handful of them. Many cities have a sculpture garden or park with a collection of pieces in one area. It's a great opportunity to walk around and take some pictures of you next to different artwork to document your date.

4. Take an art class
Spend an afternoon learning how to paint, sketch or throw ceramics. If classes are not your thing, get a book on painting or sketches and try to teach you a rainy afternoon. Remember to write and frame your masterpieces!

5. Finger color
Relive a time you probably loved as a child. All you need is paper, paint and a few rags to dry your hands on. Get your hands in the colors and create!

6. Splash color
Bring out your inner Jackson Pollack and try the splash painting. If there are no studios for that kind of stuff, you can improvise. Cover an area in the garage with tarps (floors, walls and ceilings); tape a large piece of paper or secure a stretched cloth on the wall; put on your old clothes or overalls, a hat and goggles; and start throwing some paint on the cloth. Put on all the music that brings out your creative self.

7. Get a cartoon sketch
In the summertime, there is often a caricature artist or two in the tourist area of ​​the city. Sit down and let them do their thing.

8. Sketch the city
Get a paper and pen plate and go to town. Try sketching a boat at the pier, a coffee cup at the cafe or the trees in the park. If your date is a gifted sketcher, seeing them create can only be incredibly inspiring. At least you can play with an Etch-a-Sketch.

9. Local art school events
Are there any local art schools in your city? In that case, they often have at least one art exhibition during the year. It is an opportunity to talk about the young talent in your city.

10. Build rock sculptures
If you live on a coast or shoreline you can see a handful of large stones balanced in a free-standing sculpture. To make your own, get a handful of smaller stones and start stacking them. To make it more difficult - try balancing some of them at their ends.