0vernight – breakfast with apple and banana

0vernight – breakfast with apple and banana by MollyMona2. A Thermomix ® recipe from the category of basic recipes at www.rezeptwelt.de, the Thermomix ® Community.

Giving the children healthy snacks does not end at the four walls of the house. Since they spend most of their day in a week at school, it is important that the snacks they consume are as healthy as the ones you give them at home.

Snacks are definitely not negotiable for children. Have them eat their plate of vegetables during dinner and you must surely promise them their favorite snack and use it as bait. Adults also have a strong preference for snacks, but the kids definitely take the top spot.

Below is a list of healthy snacks for children that you can put in their lunch boxes. These healthy snack options are relatively easy to find in your favorite store.

1. East. No one can ever go wrong with cheese. Kids love it, especially if it is shaped into fun shapes. Some children may even finish their cup of vegetables provided melted cheese is spread over it.

Buy low salt cheese from your favorite retailer so your kids get the dose of protein and calcium they need. Cheese is a good alternative for children who simply do not love to drink milk (unless it is chocolate flavor). Be creative with cheese by cutting it into fun cube shapes and placing it on a stick alternating with cubed fruits like apples, bananas, pineapple or grapes. You have quick cheese and kabob for fruit.

2. Sliced ​​fruit. Having a container filled with sliced ​​fruit can stink when your child opens it for recess. Organic fruits are healthy, yes, but it can easily rot especially if the moisture is high. So instead of cutting fresh fruit and throwing it in a container, why not have a packet of sliced ​​fruit instead?

Today, there are many sliced ​​fruits that sliced ​​apples, sliced ​​mangoes and sliced ​​kiwis that you can buy directly from the supermarket. These sliced ​​fruits are usually already dried so it is very similar to chips. With a packet of sliced ​​fruit for snacks, it can help children develop a natural affinity for fruit. Although there are children who just love to chew on fruit, there are a handful of them who simply do it and a small dose of creativity can go a long way if you want them to love fruit. Buy packs of sliced ​​fruit that they can whine on during the day. You will never go wrong with it.

3. Vegetables with dip. The best vegetables to eat are the raw ones. They say that steaming vegetables lose their nutrients, and eating vegetables is therefore the best way to get all their vitamins. To make the experience of eating vegetables better, why not include a dip in your child's lunch box? Cut carrots, celery, cucumber and zucchini into chopsticks. Include dip such as ranch, thousand island, hummus or guacamole on the side. Although it is early to introduce low-fat dips and upholstery to the kids, it would not actually hurt to do so because the store bought dips and dressings are high in cholesterol and calories.