citrus shrimp avocado salad recipe

citrus shrimp avocado salad recipe

French ice cream sundaes can contain any combination of flavors, sorbets, syrups, nuts and even alcohols. There really is no limit. However, there are some popular combinations that you will probably find on the menu if you visit an ice cream bar ( glacier ) in France. These classic sundaes are easy enough to reproduce at home. Add a nice French name and you will have an elegant dessert ready in no time.

If you decide to serve your dessert with a French touch, don't forget to top it with one or two rolled "cigarette" or fan-shaped cookies. Their slightly sweet, crunchy crunch is the perfect accompaniment to a cold and rich French healthy.

Chocolate Liegeois - Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Coffee Liegois - This is the same as a chocolate liegeois, except that the coffee replaces chocolate.

Coupe Antillaise - Here the flavors should be Caribbean. Many times this means vanilla and rum rose ice cream, topped with pineapple and whipped cream, but other combinations of rum and fruit are possible.

Cup Tutti Frutti - A combination of different sorbets (for example pears, peach or pineapple) with different fresh fruits (eg strawberries, grapes, melon or pineapple), topped with whipped cream and fruit syrup.

Coupe Colonel - Watch out - Colonel has a bite! Lemon sorbet topped with vodka.

Dame Blanche - Just a simple vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Elegance is everything in the name.

Peche Melba - This was invented by the famous French culinary authority, Auguste Escoffier, as proof of his admiration for Nelly Melba, who was a popular tour of 20th century Australian opera singer. Vanilla ice cream, poached peaches and raspberry sauce. Today you will probably find your peche Melba filled with whipped cream as well.

Poire Belle Helene - Another cool dessert inspired by the opera - this one celebrates the 1864 presentation by La Belle Helene, an opera by Jacques Offenbach. Vanilla ice cream, poached pears and chocolate sauce.

profiteroles - This is not a sundae, but you will often find it on the menu of a French glacier. Cream puffs are usually filled with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.